The Loop วน (หนังสั้น)

เรื่องย่อ : The Loop วน (2561/2018) Pete, a teenage boy who quit cold turkey from his meth addiction, bumps into his close friend Boss at a convenience store, who just fled the crime scene after smashing a young lady’s car window on a desolate street. Boss invites Pete to do drugs, but he refuses. Boss offers Pete a ride home but, on the way, the two was stopped by undercover cops lurking to search for drugs user and dealer suspects. Fortunately, as they were let go without charges by the police, Pete returns home and finds his mother and stepfather violently fighting over the missing money. Pretending to be mad, his stepfather left home with that missing money to buy a street hooker. On the other side, Pete was furiously slapped by his mother thinking that he stole the money. Leaving home with anguish, Pete encounters an unexpected event that will irreversibly change his life. (ที่มา : Wonderland Films Thailand )



ดู The Loop วน (2561) YouTube e1690474151139 The Loop วน (หนังสั้น)
ชื่อ : วน
Name : The Loop
วันที่เข้าฉาย : 2561
ความยาว :
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